What quantities will I need?

Below is guide for ordering our freeze dried rose petals and the quantities we recommend. 

Our recommendations are what we believe is an adequate amount to provide a lovely look for each application. 

Below Prices include postage for orders over $30.00

Romantic settings:

Bed Scatter 12 cups $49.90
Dining Table Scatter 4 cups $14.90
Picnic Scatter 12 cups $49.90
Proposal Heart (shape) 12 cups $49.90
Bath Scatter 4 - 12 cups $14.90 

Weddings and Celebrations:


8m Centre Aisle Scatter 40 cups $119.90
8m Aisle Scatter down both sides             80 cups $119.90 x 2
10 Seat Table Scatter                                   2 - 3 cups $74.90 (24cup bag for 10 Tables)
Bridal Table                                                   12 - 24 cups $49.90 - $74.90
Cake Table Scatter 4 cups $14.90
Throwing cones /guest confetti (*We recommend providing around 30-50% of guest with a throwing cone /confetti) 1 cup $74.90 (12cup bag for 12 cones/guests)
Flower Girl Basket 4 cups $14.90
Photo Shoot Setting 12 cups $49.90

For all other applications please email or phone us for our recommendations on quantity.


All orders are posted via Australia Post.

For Rose Petal orders that are intended to be used within 4 weeks your order will be sent within 2 business days.

For orders that are placed 4 weeks or more in advance of your wedding or special event date then we will schedule your order to be posted out 4 weeks prior to this date.

Express post is available Australia wide for an additional charge and is usually posted out within 1 business day and should be received within 3 business days

Overseas orders generally take 10-16 days via Air Mail.

How do I store my Freeze Dried Rose Petals once i receive them?

Your Freeze Dried Rose Petals will arrive in a box and sealed in a bag. Please keep them sealed in this bag. This will avoid moisture be absorbed from the air which will soften them and can discolor them over time (sometimes within a week or two). 

Place them in a dry, dark place such as a cupboard until you are ready to use them. 

You can open them the day prior to your wedding/event without any issues of them discoloring etc. in that short amount of time.

Please DO NOT store them in the fridge or freezer. The petals are dried so will stay as they arrived for many weeks. Freezing them will damage them.

Can I make my own colour mix?

Absolutely... please feel free to select multiple colors when making your purchase of our rose petals. Simply select the colors you require and then add a note below your selections to stipulate what percentages you would like of each color.


We use Paypal as our payment method. We find this to be a safe, fast and easy way for our customers to make their payment either throguh their Paypal account or with credit card if you do not have an account already.

We have used Paypal for over a decade without an issue of fraud or privacy complaints. 

If you do not feel comfortable with making payments over the internet, please call us for an alternative method of payment such as direct deposit or cash.