Surprise Bath Bombs - My kids LOVE making these and they are a hit for girls nights and hens parties activities. Bath bombs are easy to make and by adding as little as 10 rose petals inside you can turn a delightful bath bomb into a spectacular one. When the bath bomb hits the water it will fizz and release gorgeous relaxing aromas and petals will float to the surface. Our Bath Bomb kit comes with 4 cups of Freeze Dried Rose Petals and 3 moulds - A small heart, large heart and bell and the recipe - all ingredients can be brought from your local supermaket. 

 When making your bath bomb fill half of your mould with the mixture, then press down into the mould, compacting it into place. Fill the centre with Freeze Dried Rose Petals ensuring they dont hit the edges. Fill your second mould half over full and press down a little to compact. Make sure there is a little bit too much mixture in this one. When you press both halves together they will form a perfect heart with petals secretly in the middle, By keeping the petals only in the centre your bomb will be stronger and wont come apart when taking it out of the mould. 

Please follow the link below for a full tutorial.

Bath Bomb Kit

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