About Us

Based at the foot on mt franklin in victoria, our 70ac property boasts an array of color from our 1400 rose bushes. Consisting of 14 main colors there is plenty to choose from to add a pop of color and romance to any occassion. After operating for over 10years we brought our property only 3 years ago based on the location, warm summers and rich volcanic soils, the perfect blend for roses.

The property is ran by myself (Donna Hartmann) and my hubby (Todd) with a little help from our kiddies Isabella , 6 and Hunter 4. The property also has 19 vegetalble gardens a herd of cows, 60 breeding ewes, 2 alpaca, princess the pony, 2 chooks and one crazy lab.."Aimee"

Our philosophy. .

Work hard..live well!

We aim to succeed at providing what we are proud of. We have worked hard in setting up a beautuful garden in an amazing part of of Australia...and now want to share it. We truley believe we have something to offer, products that can add some cheer and we love to be a small part in creating something beautiful for our clients special day.

There is a sense of pride when we post out an order and in return get a response of joy and thanks. I have been in this bussiness for over a decade and still walk through the roses early  sundays with a cuppa just for fun.
Its a great lifestyle that we love and will be here in another decade for sure!

Please contact me for assistance ... I am only too happy to help!!

Donna Hartmann