New to Freeze Dried Rose Petals? That's OK, we are more than happy to help you understand all about our products.

Our Rose Petals: Grown on our 70ac farm at the bottom of Mount Frankin in central Vic our roses are field grown and are not treated with any synthetic chemicals. We have 2500 rose bushed in a variety of colors to ensure there is a colour to suit any wedding or event

Do Rose Petals Stain?: Fresh rose petals, especially the darker colors can stain, however, because of the freeze drying process, our petals do not. once freeze dried the colour is locked in....after 14 years of selling our petals we have never had a complaint about staining.

How do I store them?: Easy.. your petals will arrive in a sealed bag inside a box. You may open the box and have a look at them, but by keeping them sealed in the bag they will remain in perfect condition until  your event. DO NOT reidgerate or freeze your petals. Keep them in the box to avoid them from being crushed and place in a dry cupboard. You may open them a day or two before your wedding/event and place them in bags/cones etc to prepare for your special day. If you are using them for aisle or confetti you may open them a day or two before so they will soften slightly and become pliable like fresh petals...they will not discolor or wilt, but this will avoid them from breakages.

Will Freeze Dried Rose Petals wilt?: NO! Once rose petals have been freeze dried they will remain fresh looking with bright colour and the same shape and structure. the only way they will wilt is by becoming wet. even if used in the bath they will last for the duration of the bath without change.

When should I order my Freeze Dried Rose Petals?: You may place your order at any time! For orders that are 4 weeks or more from your wedding/event date we will hold and post out 4 weeks before...so if you event is on the 3rd of may we will post n the 5th of April, 28 days before this date. This allows plenty of time to be revieved and if needed more ordered and also ensures your petals will be in perfect condition for your special day. For orders that will be used within 4 weeks we simply post straight away. 

Delivery: We use Australia Post and depending on where you live, regular postage generally takes 3-6 days. We are based in Victoria so recommend ordering at least 1 week before otherwise our express option will have your order arrive within 1 - 3 days. All orders will have tracking numbers, so if you have not received your order within these expectations please contact us and we will provide details.

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