Get Your Dream Wedding Photos with Freeze Dried Rose Petals

The tradition of throwing rice at a newly married bride and groom began during Roman times. It was meant to symbolise fertility and prosperity, because seeds are things that grow, just like a family and wealth can. Guests sometimes used wheat or oats, too, but it wasn’t until much later that flower petals became popular. Unfortunately, fresh flower petals have their downfalls – they bruise and wilt easily, you need to get them at the last minute to keep them fresh, and, if crushed, can stain the clothing of the guests or (the horror!) the bride! Some venues also dislike trying to clean up crushed fresh flower petals. We don’t blame them. That’s why we offer an array of beautiful, easy-to-clean-up freeze-dried rose petals.

What exactly are freeze-dried rose petals, you ask? They are gorgeous, eco-friendly, long-lasting versions of your favourite flower petal, grown right here in Australia and designed to stay looking gorgeous until you’re ready to use them. Since they’re lighter than traditional fresh petals, they float even more beautifully through the air as you walk through them. We can even create a custom mix of colours for you. You can order up to twelve months ahead of time, and we’ll ship them out four weeks before your big day, so they’re on hand and ready for the ceremony. You can even get a bit extra to make your wedding night that much more romantic.

Our freeze-dried rose petals will add that touch of soft, sweet colour to your wedding photos.